Petite bourgeoisie

They have a name for people like me, petite bourgeoisie, as if I cared. Honestly, fuck them all, cos I’m just plain, too selfish to care. The thing about communism, be it radical or progressive, is that it’s just to obsolete to matter–its predicated on the liberation of human labor and human labor is obsolete.

Or at least, it should be.

I guess that’s why communism refuses to fade away here in the Philippines: slave labor is still an apparent reality. The oligarchs are to blame for that; they designed the constitution–they created the law that bear fruit to all other laws. Not to mention: each and every one of these fuckers helped fund the red movement, paid for Sison’s mansions, and now our history so needlessly bloody it’s ridiculous.

Blood spilled is ridiculous, silly, because it was all so stupid.

These fucking oligarchs induced our people to bleed in an attempt to escape poverty; ironically all this achieved was secure their poverty.

I used to think that ours was a self-fulfilling prophecy of poverty, a cycle of ditch digging for bread in order to dig more ditches, but no; ours was an induced disease. These fuckers infected us with poverty and continue to do so, every single day, with reinforcement by the media and our politicians.

Can we blame them? No. They do play fair. They are telling us to our faces every single day of the exact kind of shit they are doing to us and there is no greater impunity than this, not even the massacre of journalists could trump this shit.

I mean think about it, these fuckers built our schools, pay for our teachers, and our educational is among the most reasonable if not prolific and egalitarian (because there is nothing egalitarian about our educational system) and they teach us, tell us, to our faces, every single day, why we are poor, the history of our poverty, the means of our poverty, the results of our poverty, and the causes of our poverty. We are inundated with facts every single day and nothing is done about it. Niches were created to accommodate each and every single Tom, Dick, and Harry that leaves the worker drone factories; niches for the creatives, the rebellious, the politicos, the hacienderos, the sacadas, the middle management, the fast food sacadas, the call center sacadas, the small business entrepreneur sacadas etc. so that every single one of us has a place in the grand scheme of our poverty, a sophisticated mirage of hope and…People Power.

Fuck that shit and fuck the people.

I should know, I’m just as fucked as the rest of you.

We have no power.

Unless of course you abandon everything that you know, understand, and believe:


I am petite bourgeoisie. I am the enemy of every other demographic in this country: the communists designed the red movement to hate me, the oligarchs designed the economy to destroy me, and we pretty designed each other to compete with every-fucking-one else within a context that sees very little value in competence, lol.

Power is the refusal to submit. We are the enemy. We have no friends in our own country, not even among ourselves.

Solution pending…


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