Moon Magic and the Triple Goddess

I’m big on transhumanism, but you can’t have transhumanism without the occult to guide the way.

Goddess Inspired

The Moon has three visible phases:

Growing crescent )
Full moon O
Waning crescent (


This is followed by three days of darkness, the dark moon.

The Moon with her large and impressive presence taught our ancestors that like her own phases all life was cyclical, going from birth to growth to death back to rebirth.

Since the earliest times the Moon has been linked to water, as her gravitational pull affects the oceans’ tides. Her primary connection, however, has always been to women whose menstrual cycle mimicks the Moon’s phases: pre-ovulatory, ovulatory and post-ovulatory stage followed by bleeding.

Our moon-times are intrinsically linked to moonlight. Women who sleep without artificial lights and who are exposed only to the Moon’s light, tend to ovulate around the full moon and bleed at the time of the dark moon.

The Ancients considered moon-blood to be a source of incredible insight and…

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