PPCRV find no evidence of suspicious voting pattern

PPCRV find no evidence of suspicious voting pattern

The ethics of cheating is that none exist. Cheating is immoral, fraud is immoral, but the fact of the matter is:

Victory requires that you abandon idealism.

Each and every single day of our lives we are being cheated by  those who think they’re better than us simply because they believe they’ve dominated the system. They believe that we have been so utterly and totally conditioned by the system into pliant, predictable, and profitable sheep. Cheating exists because the system created a double standard between people who serve and people who are served. You are not allowed to steal from your fellow sacadas and from your haciendero, but the haciendero is allowed to steal from you and has the moral imperative to do so. A parallel has long emerged among the politicians as old blood and new money continue to intermarry and dominate our landscape. What everyone fails to comprehend, however, is that the system is ruthlessly fair:

If they can cheat you what’s stopping you from cheating them?

We are in a war for our futures, our survival, our well-being, the integrity of our place in this country and the world at large. The answer is simple, abandon your idealism. When you read these news stories on the internet, off the pages of clearly biased publishers, don’t take them as lamentation on just how depraved and hopeless our situation is.

The PCOS machine is an opportunity. It has forced our politicians to evolve or die. It has created a situation in which people with sophisticated training and knowledge survive while the uninitiated grasp for air. Abandon the masses, they are dead weight and you can survive without them. You cannot save them.

Instead, learn to be better than your betters. Abandon who you are now, abandon this person your parents, your religion, your education, hell, abandon everything you have ever known about yourself and what the world has designed and rethink your future. Evolve or die. The old are obsolete for a reason, and even monsters are doomed to death. Nothing lasts forever, nothing except your mind and what it is capable of.

When good men are disappointed, they turn into complete and total monsters. Aren’t we all disappointed already? Then why haven’t we all completely turned into total, ruthless, and driven monsters?

Be the monster.


Big China, Little China; little difference

Big China, Little China; little difference

I happened upon this piece of commentary when I scoured the Inquirer website for anything useful happening right about now or at least within the week; this was on the 31st of May, and while the incident it has taken as its subject might taste a little stale to everyone involved, the sting this opinion made me feel was as fresh as newly baked pre-war pan de sal.

While it drew an interesting picture of our foreign relations within our immediate region, I disagreed with it in principle. This is mainly because all it had was principle–not intelligence. While I don’t know who Rodel Rodis is, as this is the first opinion of his I have ever read, I don’t really care if my dissent should ring resentful or disrespectful. Hell, I’m an anarchist. Respect is not my currency; utterly valueless in the bigger scheme of things once you’ve evolved past sentiment. So let’s be pragmatic; Rodel, how much do you earn per word writing for the Inquirer? Why? Because you hide your groveling behind insight. And I will be fair, there is insight in your opinion, but neither does it deny the fact that you are groveling.

You are a slave of the old god: Nationalism. You grovel because you appear to dissect a significant incident to feed a niche readership yet carefully evade the very few and jarringly obvious facts that face us now:


The only reason why Taiwan is being such an asshole in using us to assert its territoriality within the region is because it does not respect us, and the reason why it does not respect us because Taiwan has us by the appendix: the OFWs. The only reason why I didn’t metaphor with testicles is because the Oligarchs are our testicles. But the appendix! The appendix is something else. The appendix represents an obsolete vestige to our cultural evolution from a time when society used to survive on slave labor (OFWs, why’d you think Enrile insists our greatest export is human labor?). Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. And the appendix, true to form, has evolved into a ticking time bomb. Human, physical labor is steadily being replaced by a different demand, one that values creativity, imagination, and intelligence over zombie cotton-picking. While the rest of the world is replacing human labor with robots (they started manufacturing automated vacuum cleaners, lawnmowers, and etc. over about a decade ago) we are stuck on a dying industry. When our OFWs run out of jobs where will they go?

When these OFWs come back home, what happens to our growth index?

Taiwan has us by the appendix because it knows it can accelerate the process of a blown vestigial organ. We all know what happens when it blows, right?

Taiwan has us by the appendix because it knows that we are not prepared.

Taiwan knows that we have not evolved from slave labor.

China is just looking to get laid and is waiting for the first prostitute to suck it’s balls.

And we are left to look fucking out of our element, fish out of water, a dude who lost his car, because we are fucked!


…and we are still a fucking piece in it! We cannot appease Taiwan or China because China is the fucking asshole that made an enemy out of every other fucktard in the world and Taiwan will never be our friend! Taiwan is not ASEAN!

I mean come on, only an Oligarch would want to suck either of these assholes’ balls; that’s what Oligarchs do, they seek balls and swallow it for spare change–opportunists that they are. China has been activating leftist cells left and right, who cares if they’re Maoist so as long as they have guns. Taiwan is scared shitless that it’s not in the ASEAN, all of those cash rich industries of theirs’ll get nuked sooner than Kris Aquino’s next indiscretion. They’re pushing us around because they know we’re the fucking weakest link in the ASEAN.

We cannot push the envelop and have P-Noy prematurely ejaculate all over the  war strategy because we do not call the shots. We’re benchwarmers, waterboys, towelboys, and mopboys of the entire fucking game–swallow it.

And we’re so goddamn touchy about it because of…


Teddy Boy Locsin is insane, and you were enabling him, Rodel.

The solution is not to save face. The solution is to abandon dignity because we have no dignity left to lose! We are the fucking maid and butler of the entire fucking planet–get real.

The solution is to face the facts. The OFWs are damned and we damned them for depriving them of the livelihood needed to survive in their own country. We fucked up. The sooner we admit that, the sooner we stop painting these poor souls the martyrs for the great nationalist cause and accept them for what they really are: lambs for the altar of the Oligarchy, the sooner we get realistic about getting these people the hell out of dodge. Now they are stuck in Taiwan, the integrity of their very lives threatened by our country’s apparent weakness!

The solution, for the short term, is to gnash our teeth because we created this hell and we should pay for it. The nationalist god being our first penance because pinoy pride is keeping us from admitting and accepting the fact that we fucked up and our brethren paid for it.

In the short term, cry to the UN for help, get some Human Rights watchdogs over there, and engineer a plan to smuggle these people out of the cross fire. The last thing we want is for 47,000 Filipino hostages stuck in concentration camps in Taiwan when WWIII starts.

All while P-Noy walks the fine tightrope of teasing Little China and Big China that he’s more than willing to suck one or the other’s three-incher at the expense of the other without actually doing any fellatio while Uncle Sam’s missile platform is snug up his ass. The US is a jealous rapist.

Attack the Old Ways

Philippine History began with two constants plaguing the lives of its peoples. The oligarchy partakes of our pound of flesh and the church keeps us in line in consideration for their share in the said pound of flesh. These parasites are easy to recognize. Their names and faces have been with us for centuries. Some, on the history books, others, on campaign posters, and the most notorious of all are immortalized on the money we use to get by. What began with a very simple and medieval encomienda system evolved into economic protectionism. We enjoyed brief respite when the Americans attempted to introduce equity into the picture, but that is nothing more than a distant memory now. We were sacadas then; we are still sacadas now.

That’s what Filipino First means for the rest of us, the people they sit comfortably on while they keep their place on top of the pyramid, these oligarchs and priests. Do they deserve it? Yes, they do. Why? We gave it to them.

We accepted the policy and we accepted these usurers and depraved ecclesiastics with warm embraces, with pride, with love even. We made them our icons, virtual gods on earth, because we never saw them take our money and run away with it. It makes sense to. Like I said, whose faces are on the money?

While their priests suck the cocks of our sons and their scions rape our daughters, we keep them fat and cool in their air-conditioned mansions.

Nothing in it for us whatsoever.

The problem aggravates itself when we realize that these are the people we never see in person, some we never even see on television, or the newspapers, not even on the internet. We know of them. We recognize their reputation. They are the people we work for, but a saleslady under contract for only six months because any longer and they would have to provide benefits would never think to blame them for it. She’s too stupid too do so. They like it that way, that she’s too stupid to figure it out for herself. The owners are a virtual myth to her, an unseen presence to be awed and admired.

No, she will never think ill of them or of their greed. Instead, she blames the managers, the greedy, greddy middle-class and upper-middle class managers who barely have the power to do anything about it. And so do the powerless hate the powerless. The ignorant hating the ignorant.

This is usury, usury of the human soul.

The problem with usury is that it eventually grounds the value of anything down to nothing.

We pay the price of our own ignorance and cowardice.

While we blame, hate, and kill each for scraps falling off the table of the Holy Church and her Chosen Families we gnash our teeth. The priests hide in their churches and the oligarchs flee to greener pastures, for it is clear, it’s been slim pickings decades and decades ago. One of them is in Singapore right now. Most are in Spain. That’s the beauty of keeping a hacienda. You don’t really need to mind the hacienda personally. You can just leave it to your managers in the country to collect in behalf of your avarice while you enjoy the sunsets of Ibiza. Meanwhile, the sacadas simmer in their hatred and hunger and with no one else to look at, they see your managers. When this all goes to hell, it’ll be the managers they’re eating alive, not you. Not the Haciendero. Not the Priest.

Do we deserve this? Yes, we do.

Because eventually apocalypse will have to end. Eventually, these oligarchs will return from their woeful diaspora and the priests emerge from their holy hideaways to preach the good news to us, the sheep who’ve survived, “Lo and behold,” they will say, “We have returned to you our beloved people and we bring you money!” Once again, we welcome them with open arms. They, the nth coming of Christ, have arisen. They have come to save us from the four horsemen of our own despair. History repeats itself and our descendants will still generally be fucked.

This is a cycle.

This is our system.

This is our way of life.

This is what happened in World War II, in Marcos’s time, and it will happen again after World War III.

Do we have a way out?

For most of us, no. Most of use are just plain fucked, the first sacadas the poorer sacadas will eat alive. For the rest of us, we could try and make sure this won’t happen, but I doubt any of you have what it takes.

Economic Liberalization

Opening up our market is the only thing that stands between us and poverty so abject we’re forced to cannibalize our own children just to stay alive. Fact of the matter is, our is a society built on human labor with human beings as our chief profitable commodity. This is a euphemism for slavery. With opening our market comes better technologies, technologies brought in by foreign investors and kept on our shores through a responsible and equitable intellectual property sharing policy. It’s technology that will stymie our over reliance on human labor and force our population towards a more sophisticated mindset. Unfortunately, that’s not about to happen.

Our present policies spit on fair and equitable technology sharing, turning us not into beggars but also thieves. The current laws invite, i.e. beg, for foreign technologies into the country but due our protectionist economy we are given government mandate to then grab that technology and leave nothing for the foreign investor except that fuzzy feeling of having aided a poverty stricken society. That is how law makers see sharing. That is how we see sharing.

We have very little in the way of respect for private property and it shows on our laws and our culture.

What foreign investor in his right mind would allow the theft of his own hard work?

Anti-Flag–Turncoat, Die for your government, and etc…

Consider this my celebration of all things punk. A lot of people make the claim that punk is dead. I disagree. Punk is rebellion; and rebellion is at the deepest of all the layers of human nature. The only difference between death and survival, at this point, is the willingness to submit.

Therefore, die for your country shit, sheep!

The irony of it is that I’d be at the table, waiting for my cut of the meat. Those who refuse to eat get eaten.